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Our expertise

Management of Hotel Technology Projects

HAKAWAY is a Spanish company, led by a team of professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the field of IT technology.


We position ourselves at the forefront of the development and implementation of hotel technology projects.


To meet the specific needs of each site in this sector, our actions are based both on the know-how of professionals in these technologies and on the expertise of hotel operations specialists.


We offer turn-key projects with national and international coverage, thanks to our network of partners

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We make sure the project runs smoothly to achieve the objectives at hand. This involves applying the methods, techniques, and management tools specific to each stage of the project, from the evaluation of the opportunity to the completion of the project.





We negotiate and evaluate the offers and contracts of the service providers.

Integrations of telecommunications and infrastructures

We commission and test equipment to ensure the performance and compliance of the products received.

Technology audit and consulting

We deliver opinions or recommendations on what to do from an IT's point of view.

Our services aim to improve the current and future functioning and performance of your organization.

Implant of

IT staff

We recruit and integrate qualified IT staff within your organization to establish an optimum quality service.


We take care of all your audiovisual equipment.

Implementation of vertical management solutions

We address specifically to the hospitality industry and we cover more than 75% of the business processes of the organization with the solutions we propose.

Continuous technological support

The world of computing is constantly evolving, we will accompany you at any time and we will allow you to stay in step with the IT environment.

IT security

With all the sensitive data passing through a hotel, it is essential to have a maximum security network. We will help you secure your entire system.

Network solution for voice and data

We offer virtualized or hosted on-site communication systems such as: IP telephony solutions and also solutions for your corporate networks and their security.

Our vision


At Hakaway, integrity is paramount, we always reflect the reality of the progress of a project so that the communication established is optimum.

Team spirit

We like to collaborate to achieve our common goal: the total success of our project.

Customer satisfaction

Your satisfaction is essential for us, we aim to exceed your expectations and that's what we will do.


Thanks to our many experiences, we ensure optimal performance. You will have the best product at the best price, and that is our priority.

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